Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are you available on week days?
A. Unfortunately, No.  Due to having a full time job I am currently limited to weekends.

Q. What should I wear?
A. From a photographers perspective... 

  • I recommend staying away from too much pattern.  Solids accented by a pop of pattern in Jewelry, Scarves, Ties and other accessories photographs well in most settings.  However, if plaid is your staple then You Rock That Plaid!  We can always make it work.  We will just plan the setting/background accordingly.   
  • Don't wear white.  White draws the eye and detracts from the focus of the image. Neons and bright colors don't typically photograph as well either.

Q. I'm not photogenic and this makes me nervous.  How should I prepare?
A. RELAX.  Do not feel pressured to find your inner model before the shoot.  You will be shocked at how fun and painless a photo shoot can be.  If you're thinking, 'PSHHH. Easier said than done!' then I do have a few tips to help:

  • Google, Pinterest and Instagram.  Use these sites to help you find several photos that are similar to what you hope to achieve in your shoot.  Pay attention to Setting, Background, Makeup, Outfits, Poses...etc.  Save these photos on your phone so that you can access them easily during our session.  The more options you give yourself the better.
  • Dress comfortably.  Don't wear anything you wouldn't normally wear.  Photos reflect your disposition more than you could possibly imagine.  If you are uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable.  
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.  Photoshop is my best friend.  Not even a pimple the size of everest can ruin your photos with photoshop on our side.  Just communicate with me on what you would like edited and I will make sure that it is done for you.  

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?  
A. Cash. Check. Card. (There is a 2% processing fee when using a Card.)

Q. When should I do my maternity shoot?
A. Matternity shoots are best between 30-35 weeks. 

Q. When should I have Newborn photos taken?
A. At 4-10 days.  Otherwise the newborn is much more alert and harder to keep asleep.